Rainwater tank


Efficient management of rainwater on the area of real property it is the task of more than one investor.

Using Conplast tanks the problem may be easier than you think.


conplast Principle of operation

Rainwater draining from the roof is discharged by gutters to the CONPLAST tank. Excess water flows through the overflow to leach drainage and soaks into the soil. Water collected in the tank using a pump is used for watering the garden, flushing toilet or laundry.


conplast Example diagram of rainwater management

Rainwater management diagram


  1. Collective gutter to supply the CONPLAST tank with rainwater
  2. CONPLAST rainwater tank
  3. Excess water leach drainage
  4. Hydrophore to provide constant water pressure
  5. Water supply from water supply system
  6. Valve system to switch the supply of the system in the event of a shortage of rainwater into fresh water supply (manual or automatic)
  7. Water level meter in tank
  8. Plant system supplied by rainwater



conplast Rainwater tank

Rainwater tank