Traditional treatment plant


conplast Below we present a simplified instruction for installation of traditional CONPLAST sewage treatment plant

All necessary instructions and technical drawings and other downloads can be found here >>




    1. Install inspection manhole at the exit of the sewer pipe from building. It is recommended that the outlet is located on the depth of approx. 30 cm.
    2. Level the inlet pipe to feed the sewage to septic tank with a slope not more than 1-3% (1-3 cm per meter).
    4. Using the backhoe or belts, place septic tank in excavation.
    5. Connect the septic tank with inlet pipe. Check, if the septic tank is levelled.
    6. Prior to backfill flood the septic tank with water up to the outlet level. Backfill the flooded septic tank with soil, noting that there are no stones that could damage the tank!
    7. Connect the septic tank with distribution chamber. Compact the soil and level the sump carefully. For checking, if the sump is good levelled, pour the water to the sump and check, if it is distributed evenly to the three outlets. Close the sump with cover and protect the outlets so that they are not polluted with sand during further operations.
    8. Following the diagram, make further excavation for drainage by installing manifold pipes and elbows for drainage threads.
    9. Make in turn the excavations for drainage threads. In the case of poorly permeable soil select more native soil (30-60 cm) and replace it with gravel, rinsed or shattered stone.
    10. Compact the excavation bottom and level with a slope of 0,5-1,0% with 30 mm deeper as the level of outlet manifolds of drainage threads.
    11. Settle the package in the excavation and check, if it is levelled properly.

    12. Prepare the 2H CONPLAST packages, laying the side distribution pipes in package recesses.
    13. Lay on the package the main drainage pipes with holes facing down in the correct order – A1, A2, A3, A4 (pipes are marked and differ from each other!).
    14. Install the elbows and aeration pipes with chimneys on the end of drainage threads.
    15. Cover the prepared drainage thread with geocloth and pack with soil. Until the backfilling of packages the whole is to be backfilled manually!!!
    16. Backfill all made installation and add the initiating bacteria dose to the septic tank.