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conplast Recommended biopreparations of BIOZYM

CONPLAST recommends BIOZYM biopreparations. When purchasing a sewage treatment plant you are receiving our first pack of ENZYBAC bacteria. Using of this product ensures correct operation of household sewage treatment plant. We do not recommend the using of other low-cost bacteria. Many of our customers who ignored this information and began to use preparations of other companies, after some time, because of unpleasant odours and clogging of the drainage system, have returned to using the products of BIOZYM.





Bacterial enzyme preparation for septic tanks and sewage treatment plants contains selected bacteria and the addition of immobilized enzymes significantly accelerating the processes of biochemical decomposition. Enzymes and bacteria contained in the preparation cause the decomposition of complex organic compounds found in sewage (carbohydrates, proteins, fats) in the simple compounds: carbon dioxide, water and nitrogen compounds. ENZYBAC can be used for all types of installations and ceramic equipment, made of metal or plastics - it does not cause the corrosion and damage of them. The preparation does not contain pathogenic micro-organisms or toxic compounds. It is safe for humans, animals and the environment. It is approved by the National Institute of Hygiene.




ENZYMIX is a mixture of enzymes causing decomposition of organic depositions deposited in outflows of sanitation and sewage systems - hindering the outflow. The above problems are caused by the remnants of waste from the kitchen, foam from bathtubs, washing machines or dishwashers, hair, etc. Enzymes acting on depositions break them into fine particles that break away from the walls of the sanitary and sewer systems. The preparation acts in the entire volume without damaging the pipe. The process takes about 8 hours. In the case of total clogging the process lasts longer, while the operation of deposition removal must be repeated.


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