Traditional treatment plant


conplast Location of septic tank

Septic tank should not be settled more than 10 m from the building. If this distance must be greater, please insulate the sewage inlet pipe. Septic tank can not be buried too deep - up to 80 cm from the covering.


conplast Location conditions

When locating the treatment plant, the following distances must be observed:

  • 5 m from the wall of the building with windows and doors,
  • 2 m from the boundary of a neighbour or road,
  • 3 m distance of drainage thread from the trees,
  • 30 m from the drinkable water tapping,
  • 1.5 m of gas and water supply pipelines.


conplast Soil conditions

To can install the household sewage treatment system, without incurring higher costs, the two main conditions must be met:

  • groundwater level should not be higher than 2 m,
  • ground should be as permeable as possible.


conplast Legal aspects

Please apply to the District Office with the application of the intention to install a household sewage treatment plant. If within 30 days no any refuse is received – this is tantamount to tacit approval for the installation of sewage treatment plant.