conplast KiwiTreat TM biological treatment plant – CONPLAST with activated sludge

Developed and used in New Zealand, now manufactured in Poland by CONPLAST.

System protected with patent No. P391969, utility model W-119215.


KiwiTreat - Conplast

The shown treatment plant:

  • meets the conditions resulting from the order of Council of Ministers as of 8 July 2004 (Journal of Laws No. 168/2004, item 1763)
  • is easy to use
  • has very low requirements for maintenance and service
  • can be used in areas falling under the special protection
  • is designed for continuous operation in a reliable manner.


Throughput capacity of treatment plant is 1600 litres per day By using KiwiTreat aeration device, we can make treatment plants the far greater number of users (motels, petrol stations, small housing estates, schools, etc.) . It can be used for sewage treatment using the existing leak-proof dead end tank (septic tank).


conplast Functional diagram of KiwiTreat TM treatment plant – CONPLAST


Functional diagram of Kiwi Treat tm treatment plant


(0) faecal inlet in KiwiTreat TM treatment plant - CONPLAST, (1) first digester chamber, (2) second digester chamber,
(3) biofilter, (4) aeration chamber, (5) clarifying chamber, (6) pump, (7) aeration system of KiwtTreat TM -CONPLAST,
(8) bacteria growth bed, (9) aeration chimney of KiwiTreat system -CONPLAST, (10) treatment tank plants KiwiTreat made of HDPE polyethylene, (11) outlet of treated sewage into drain wells, leach drainage, trench or pumping station irrigating the soil.


Diagram illustrates the functions of individual chambers and how they work.

In digester chamber (1) organic pollutants are reduced. Most of insoluble waste and fat remains in first chamber. Waste water released from the solids and grease flow to the next digester chamber (2), in which significant amounts of nitrogen and nitrogen compounds are removed.

Installing of biological filter (3) further improves the quality of effluent before aeration. This is due to further reduction of the amount of solids in the pre-treated sewage. The filter also helps to compensate the volume of sewage introduced into the KiwiTreat TM-CONPLAST system. Aeration is made in the second tank divided into two chambers -CONPLAST. (4)(5). In chamber (4) activated bed packages (8) are placed of large surface, where biomass is produced. Pump (6) pumps the sewage through the TM-CONPLAST aeration device (7), where the complete aeration of sewage in the entire volume is done.

A part of aerated sewage returns to the first tank, to the chamber (1) and (2), to help reduce pollution in the entire volume. Aeration process is made cyclical (15 minutes of aeration, 45 minutes of stay). If the sewage treatment plant is rarely operated (e.g. during a holiday trip), it is possible to reduce the cyclicality of aeration.


conplast Parameters of treated sewage:

KiwiTreat TM treatment plant - CONPLAST properly installed and operated reaches the following parameters:

  • BZT5 no more than 20 mg/liter
  • Suspensions not more than 30 mg/liter.


conplast Septic tank - dimensions

KiwiTreat TM biological treatment plant – CONPLAST septic tank

KiwiTreat TM biological treatment plant – CONPLAST  reaktor biologiczny